lash lift


Does the lash lift procedure hurt?

No. The procedure is totally painless. You will have your eyes closed for the entire treatment and although it may feel a little strange being unable to open your eyes for this time, it offers you a chance to relax during the treatment. If you are prone to reactions from eye treatments we can perform a test patch before your appointment if you wish.

Will the lash lift damage my natural lashes?

No. The chemical procedure used in the Lash Lift is safe and gentle on your natural lashes.

How Long does a lash lift last?

Your lash lift will last as long as your natural lash cycle so about 6 weeks.

How often can i get a lash lift?

Its recommended to leave at least 6 weeks between Lash Lifts.

Any other questions just ask! We are more than happy than answer any enquiries.


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