brow lamination


what is brow lamination?

Brow lamination works in a similar way to a lash lift with the process essentially straightening eyebrow hairs so that they all stand in the desired direction.


If you have unruly eyebrows and don’t want to spend hours of your life grooming them, or alternatively, if you’ve got barely any eyebrows at all and want to give them the appearance of thicker, feathery arches, brow lamination could be for you.

How long does it Last?

Like any treatment results will vary but anywhere from 4 – 10 weeks. We will run you through aftercare to help them stay lush for as long as possible.

Does Brow Lamination damage your brows?

While brow lamination is very safe and does not cause damage, be sure to chat with your brow technician if you have sensitive skin, as chemicals can be irritating when used near a delicate area, such as your eyes.

Any other questions just ask! We are more than happy than answer any enquiries.


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